1 Raamplein Amsterdam


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1 Raamplein
1016 XK Amsterdam
Países Bajos

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Información verificada
Superficie cubierta
Alimentado por energías renovables
4 stations with 8 plugs in total.
Everybody can apply for a charging card at Nuon, Essent or E-Laad

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martes, 21 de febrero de 2017 15:57

Hi Laetitia, apparently you change 'paid parking' into 'free parking'. But that is not what I said above. Later I found out on the website
parking fees that Raamplein is located in paid parking area: 4 euro per hour.
You cannot see this on the street: you have to know it. AND you have to find the closest parking meter yourself.

And this applies to electric vehicles also:
Rules for electric cars in Amsterdam:
Eisen voor parkeren en laden bij de openbare oplaadplekken:
Rules for parking and charging:
1 (deels) elektrisch voertuig (PHEV or FEV)
2 aangesloten op het oplaadpunt (connected to chargingpoint)
3 in bezit van geldige parkeervergunning of parkeerbewijs (parking fee must be payed in advance)


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domingo, 19 de febrero de 2017 15:39

I did not see any paid parking sign. So I am not sure if this is paid parking. However, if your car is not charging then there will be a serious penalty according to the sign.

Laetitia - Chargemap


sábado, 13 de agosto de 2016 10:11

Do you have a car that allows you to charge with 11 kw?

Estás en una página con una zona de carga de coches eléctricos en la ciudad de Amsterdam.

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